Calliope - Call for Interoperability

Call for Interoperability The Calliope thematic network is co-funded by the European Commission and has been initiated by 17 health authorities and 11 organisations representing networks of physicians, community pharmacists, patients, industry and health insurers.

It represents a targeted effort aiming at the establishment of an appropriately governed, composed and structured open forum, with the focal goal to support Member States to implement interoperable eHealth solutions, in close collaboration with the key actors.

The first set of its operational objectives include the elaboration of a common Interoperability Road map; review and advancement of the EU Interoperability Recommendation and; facilitation of pre-standardisation processes through liaison with SDOs.
[06.05.2008] View / Download Calliope Presentation at eHealth2008 conference in Portoroz [PDF, 840 KB]
[02.07.2008] Press Release "eHealth initiatives to support medical assistance while travelling and living abroad" of the European Commission
(additional information will be online soon [20.07.2008])